About Me

My Qualifications

I was a Registered General Nurse for 23 years, the last 10 years of my career being spent within the Orthopaedic Operating Theatres of Hereford General Hospital. I became disillusioned with the NHS and the lack of holistic care, that had been there when I first became a Nurse.

In 1999 I started a Beauty Therapy Course and then undertook various Complementary Therapy courses including basic Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy. I opened a Salon in Hereford in 2001 and have been striving ever since to bring Complementary therapies to a wider audience, to show how they can help to improve and maintain health and well being.

However, the more massage I was doing, the more I was injuring myself. I was getting to the stage where I might have to give up massaging altogether, a prospect I wasn’t looking forward to. I had been interested in the NO HANDS approach to massage for some time and began my journey of discovery in 2013. I haven’t looked back since. In fact in November 2016 I became a NO HANDS Master! In September 2017 I was endorsed by Gerry Pyves to work as a Supervising Master offering Master Support Session to other therapists on their journeys.

My business is full to bursting at the salon, so I am now employing extra staff and concentrating on my massage from a very peaceful room at home. I am fully qualified and insured to offer the public professional Massage treatment. I am also now qualified as an Instructor, so I can pass on the magic that is NO HANDS to other massage therapists. I run courses for small groups of therapists from my home. I trade under the name of Mercia Massage Clinic and Academy.


hand3My Interests

I have a long interest in all natural approaches to health and self healing. I am very passionate about touch and particularly NO HANDS Massage. This means I “walk the talk” of Massage therapy and get regular monthly treatments myself! These treatments enable me, to be me.

Other interests away from massage are reading, particularly historical novels, and being with my partner, daughter and my cats!

My Philosophy

I believe that regular Massage is absolutely essential for a healthy, happy and successful life. That is why I make sure I get my own regular treatments every month. By having treatments myself it does mean that I can talk from the heart about them and share my experiences if people want to know. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will experience the same things, as we are all individuals. To encourage you to experience the power of NO HANDS, I have a very generous introductory offer which means you can book a treatment at a very affordable price – just ring to ask me for details, or alternatively you can contact me through this website.