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Supervising Master Endorsement

Hi there, on Monday 25th September 2017 Gerry endorsed me as a Supervising Master. This means that I can now offer Master Support Sessions to any NO HANDS Association Member. So if you’re looking for that extra support in any area of NO HANDS massage, whether that’s working on particular strokes, contracting issues, business building or any other concerns then feel free to contact me on 07858137889 and we’ll see what we can get organised.

If you know of any other NO HANDers who would like to join the session even better as you’ll get twice or three times the learning for the price of one!

July 2017 Transforming Touch Students

Bren and Zahra have completed their Transforming Touch course. They were truly awesome. For Bren it was the second attempt to get here having had a car crash the first time she booked on the course, so hip hip hooray that you made it this time! And Zahra to travel every day from Birmingham and back again (about 1.5 hours each way) was true commitment, especially with the deep treatments you were taking each day. Well done to both of you.

Master Wendy!


On November 7th 2016 I was endorsed by Gerry and then took my assessment to become a Master. I’m very pleased to say that I passed the assessment, and along with 4 other fabulous people that weekend, joined the ranks of NO HANDS Masters. Gerry says that passing the assessment is like a having a PhD in any other subject. It certainly makes me feel very proud of each and everyone who has attained this level. There are so many more waiting in the wings, we are all Masters in the making, just believe it!

New Transforming Touch Student

Welcome to Jane who completed her Transforming Touch Course this month. She is absolutely amazing and her colleagues, midwives from the Gloucester area, are very lucky to have her. Her plan to look after you all is very generous, and the ripple effect for the new Mums of Gloucester will be amazing.


Practitioner Students

June 2016

Following on from their Transforming Touch course in February these 3 brilliant ladies have now completed their Practitioner Course. From left to right: Jolanda Sidler, Ruth Woolmer and Katherine Harberd (plus me!), are all now fully fledged NO HANDS Practitioners. Their dedication to learning this approach to massage was phenomenal, I salute them all.