Change of venue

Due to staff being on Maternity leave at my salon Beautonics, I am having to work extra hours there for most of 2019. This means that most of my regular massage clients that I see in Sutton St Nicholas will have to see me at the salon for the time being. I will endeavour to make sure you still get your preferred times and days wherever possible, but it also means that there may be more flexibility for other days and times as well! So not all bad then!

I do hope things will return to normal before the end of the year!!!!

Transforming Touch Students for May 2018

Huge congratulations to Jade and Angela (Angela prefers not to have her picture used), who completed their Transforming Touch course this weekend. It takes some dedication to your art to give up a Bank Holiday weekend to do some training, and these 2 ladies have it in bucket loads. Well done, it was a pleasure working with you both.

Ever been seduced by clever massage “techniques”?

When I started massaging I thought I had to learn all the latest clever massage techniques, ever expanding my list of treatments that I could offer my clients. Boy, how wrong was I!

I’ve come to learn that it’s all about the “simple power of touch” and of course IAWYDITWTYDI (It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it)!

slump 1

Working through a towel

Clothed massage is another medium that I use now to deliver powerful touch. This article by Gerry Pyves at explains more. Do take a read and if you’d like to know more about the Dynamics of Depth Day that Gerry refers to feel free to contact me. My next scheduled date is 2nd September 2018, but other dates can be arranged.



Uninspired by your massage?

Uninspired by your massage? Have you ever been bored when giving or receiving a massage? I know I have been from time to time. The touch is alright, but it’s not really doing it for you. Is there something missing?

Rather like a piece of music that is played at a uniform volume throughout, if touch is applied at a consistent depth it simply becomes “white noise”. In other words, the client’s attention wanders away from the experience of touch and is likely to drift back to the ever present rumination of their conscious mind. What if there was contrast of depth in the massage? How much more powerful could the treatment become?

I found this article: really inspiring, see what you think.

If you like the sound of this and would like to know more about NO HANDS, why not dip your toe in with the Dynamics of Depth day? My next dates for this are 29th April and 2nd September, but other dates can be arranged.


Are you always chasing after new clients?

Are you always chasing after new clients? What if there was another way…

Gerry Pyves’ (NO HANDS® Founder & Creator) definition of clinical success is twofold:
1.   What brings clients back again and again. This means you need only a handful of clients to build a successful and stable business.
2.   What helps clients find ease and success in their lives. This means that we must address more therapeutic issues than just muscle length.

When I read this article it really resonated with me and I thought you may find it interesting reading too!
It talks about massage affecting people on more than just the physical level. In one glorious smorgasbord of touch, we can address the energetic, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual levels as well. Keeping clients is all about treating them as whole beings and not such their physical problem areas in isolation. In this way we don’t have to keep chasing after new ones, this is what brings clients to your clinic over and over again and this is what builds a waiting list.

If you like the sound of this and would like to know more about NO HANDS Massage, why not dip your toe in with the Dynamics of Depth day? My next dates for this are 29th April and 2nd September, but other dates can be arranged if these are not suitable for you.

Supervising Master Endorsement

Hi there, on Monday 25th September 2017 Gerry endorsed me as a Supervising Master. This means that I can now offer Master Support Sessions to any NO HANDS Association Member. So if you’re looking for that extra support in any area of NO HANDS massage, whether that’s working on particular strokes, contracting issues, business building or any other concerns then feel free to contact me on 07858137889 and we’ll see what we can get organised.

If you know of any other NO HANDers who would like to join the session even better as you’ll get twice or three times the learning for the price of one!

July 2017 Transforming Touch Students

Bren and Zahra have completed their Transforming Touch course. They were truly awesome. For Bren it was the second attempt to get here having had a car crash the first time she booked on the course, so hip hip hooray that you made it this time! And Zahra to travel every day from Birmingham and back again (about 1.5 hours each way) was true commitment, especially with the deep treatments you were taking each day. Well done to both of you.

Master Wendy!


On November 7th 2016 I was endorsed by Gerry and then took my assessment to become a Master. I’m very pleased to say that I passed the assessment, and along with 4 other fabulous people that weekend, joined the ranks of NO HANDS Masters. Gerry says that passing the assessment is like a having a PhD in any other subject. It certainly makes me feel very proud of each and everyone who has attained this level. There are so many more waiting in the wings, we are all Masters in the making, just believe it!