Learn NO HANDS Massage in Hereford


Having had huge benefit myself from learning NO HANDS Massage I became a licensed NO HANDS Massage Instructor in 2015 and now offer courses in Hereford. I teach the Introductory Day called Dynamics of Depth and the first 2 full courses – Transforming Touch and Practitioner Click on the image to the left to download a copy of the Take Time Out brochure for the TRANSFORMING TOUCH course – the first step of your NO HANDS immersion journey.

For NO HANDS Massage Association Members I also run a couple of one day courses:
Side Position – Learn how to adapt your NO HANDS for clients in the side position, including full draping. Open for all association members to attend and/or repeat.
No Kneeling – Explore delivering NO HANDS without needing to kneel. Open for all association members to attend and/or repeat.

My courses are very small, usually in groups of three, but I offer an opportunity to learn NO HANDS in a very personal and gentle way. I follow a tried and tested structure but as the numbers are small I can respond to individual student concerns and help all students understand the principles and practice of NO HANDS in order to make this approach work for them.

The courses are definitely intensive, but extremely enjoyable and without doubt we have fun and laughter along the way…. oh and probably biscuits fit into the equation somewhere too!

For more information about learning NO HANDS Massage please contact me.


September 21st – 23rd and October 19th – 21st 2018 Practitioner

October 1st 2018 No Kneeling

December 1st – 3rd 2018 Transforming Touch

If you are already a NO HANDS therapist and you would like to refresh any skills please contact me about my Refresh and Renew Days, or if you would like to repeat any course please ask about my special rates. As a licensed Supervising Master I can also offer Master Support Sessions, please contact me for information about this.

Dynamics of Depth Entrance Requirements
A Full Body Massage qualification.
This is a dip your toes into NO HANDS Massage day, see if you like the feel of it before you come onto Transforming Touch. Learn a clothed treatment, feel the contrast between deep and light work and explore this new decompression therapy.
£130 for this one day course.
Book a Massage (to have on another day) as well as the one day course £150. If you then go on to book on the Immersion offer get £30 back as an extra saving.

Transforming Touch Entrance Requirements
A Full Body Massage qualification.
Certification for Transforming Touch
A certificate of attendance for full attendance of the course.
Transforming Touch Certificate
Enables you to carry out massage treatments in a zero strain way so as to protect your career. Provides 27 hours of training for CPD.
This forms the first part of Practitioner training.
£300 for this 3 day flagship course.

Practitioner Entrance Requirements
Transforming Touch Certificate
Practitioner Certification Requirements
Full attendance of the course.
Ongoing practical assessment.
Practitioner Certificate
Enables you to apply to be a Member of the NO HANDS Massage Association. The benefits of this are that you can use the company branding and trademark and access support from a huge network of therapist across the country.
Recognised by major insurance providers. Provides 75 hours of training for CPD.
Enables you to go on to the Advanced level and then enter the Mastery Programme.
£800 for this 6 day course, spread over 2 weekends, each 3 days.

Book Transforming Touch and Practitioner Together and save £300
By committing to both courses straight away you can save yourself £300 and know that you will be learning in the most efficient way possible to retain as much knowledge as possible.
Cost £800 for 9 days of superb training.

Side Position and No Kneeling
Cost of each day £130.