4 Breaths Meditation

Now more than ever we need to be looking after ourselves – and each other. My trainer, and the founder of NO HANDS Massage (Gerry Pyves) has put together a really great self-healing meditation called The 4 Breaths. You get the THEORY behind why it’s a powerful tool, the PRACTICAL elements of how to make the most of it, plus a 20 minute GUIDED MEDITATION. All for free. All available to use time and time again.

It’s available here: https://nohandsmassage.com/the-self-healing-series-the-4-breaths/

I’ve been using it myself and even on the first day noticed how it was soothing my whole being. And soothing is DEFINITELY where it’s at just now!

I’d love to know how you find the 4-Breaths meditation – please do let me know. And as I come across other tools and resources I think could be helpful for you, I’ll share them here.

That link again to access this FREE resource: https://nohandsmassage.com/the-self-healing-series-the-4-breaths/

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