NO HANDS, eh? What’s that about?

This post was originally written by another Master, Tigger MacGregor, but I thought it summed up what we’re all about here at NO HANDS, that I wanted to share it with you all:

“The approach I practice is called NO HANDS Massage. But don’t let the title deceive you – I do use my hands!

NO HANDS is a zero-strain approach to Massage that evolved as one practitioner’s clinically developed response to the horrendous injury pandemic that continues to afflict the profession. The same pandemic that almost ended my own career in Massage.

However, since then it has evolved into an incredibly potent client-led approach that offers a stunning variety: from the very lightest of Touch to the very deepest structural work, going incredibly slowly or whizzy and fast – and everything in between.

The founder, Gerry Pyves, is both a Massage therapist and qualified psychotherapist and has woven core psychological communication training into NO HANDS as well

Finding the right therapy and the right therapist is a very personal process, and for Massage even more so because the range of experiences is so vast! So the best way to explore whether NO HANDS is for you is to give it a try.

One thing I love about NO HANDS is that it is based on the philosophy that the practitioner does the Massage – and the client does the healing. The treatment you receive is based on what you want, on that day at that time, rather than me trying to “pick for you”. Likewise, what you take from the session will be absolutely unique to you. Clients commonly report freer movement, feelings of lightness or happiness, reduced pain and clarity of thinking – and much more. What you take from your treatment is a mystery we’ll only uncover after the Touch has finished!

The first treatment can often be the hardest to know what to choose – which is why I also have an “Educational Treatment” which covers the four key styles I offer (each of which incorporate different speeds and depths). Having experienced the full range, at subsequent treatments you can then select the style that works best for you on that day – or opt for the Educational Treatment again because you enjoy the variety!

Hopefully that gives you more of an idea of what a treatment with me is like – but please do get in touch with any other questions you have, or to get booked in.”

What Tigger calls her Educational Treatment is my 4Elements Treatment.

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