Recommencing Treatments

Good news! I’m starting to see existing clients again for treatments from August onwards. I’ll review whether I feel OK to see new clients in a month or so.

There will be some limitations which I will now discuss.

  • I will only do prone treatments (lying on your abdomen), this means that I will be able to work on your back, backs of legs and soles of feet.
  • I will wear a face covering and visor once the treatment begins. Because you will be face-down you won’t need to wear a face covering.
  • The consultation chairs will be spaced far enough apart that we can have our initial chat without the need for masks.
  • I have a shoulder injury (decorating in lockdown!) so until my shoulder is recovered I will only be able to do light and slow work. Actually I believe this is just the sort of touch that would be most beneficial given the lack of physical contact with other humans we have had since March.
  • I will have to allow more time between treatments to “air” the room, do a complete linen change, sanitisation of all surfaces and change of clothes for me.
  • Rather than put my prices up to accommodate the extra time needed, I’m going to suggest shortening our sessions by 10 minutes making them 50 minutes instead of 60. I believe that if you use this time to focus on your breath and what’s happening in your body during the treatment, this should allow you to achieve what you want from your treatment anyway, despite a shorter session.

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