Trauma Discharge Therapy

“Building Resilience in an age of Trauma”

Resilience is the single most important aspect of our health and well being.

What is Trauma Discharge Therapy (TDT)?
TDT is a new Body/Mind therapy that specifically aims to reduce the amount of trauma carried or imprinted in our nervous system. It does this through the delivery of a unique type of massage, which is a powerful blend of massage, Psychology and the very latest Neuroscience.
The Massage focuses on movements that directly impacts the nervous system. This allows the accumulated trauma of both present and past generations to be released or discharged from the nervous system.
As a consequence of this discharge, we build resilience.

Why has trauma become so important?
Practically all illness and sickness, both mental and physical, has its roots in the kind of nervous system dysregulation which is the result of trauma.
Trauma Discharge Massage aims to discharge trauma out of the body to help the nervous system return to its normal state of healthy self-regulation.

How do you know that trauma has been discharged?
a) After a Trauma Discharge Massage you may notice that you feel lighter – as if a weight has been lifted from you. Other physical signs may be yawning, sighing or gentle shaking or trembling. There may be changes to the way you move or breathe.
b) Over several sessions you may notice that you are experiencing an increasing amount of resilience in your life in general. You may be coping better with the everyday stresses of life, fighting off illnesses quicker and feeling more positive in your life generally.

What happens in a Trauma Discharge Massage?
One of the greatest dangers of dealing with trauma is the likelihood of triggering ambient trauma – what psychotherapists call ‘re-traumatisation’. For this reason, your very first contact with me would involve the identification of a few simple safety measures that will halt any re-traumatisation.
Once these safeties are established there is a full health consultation and a discussion of exactly what touch protocols you are happy to receive. Throughout the whole process, your control and safety are paramount.
With your agreement, the Massage itself focuses on some very gentle but powerful movements which are aimed directly at soothing your nervous system. Because of everything that has preceded this touch, you may find yourself drifting off into a state of semi-sleep, which is ideal for your nervous system to ‘re-set’ itself.
At the end of each session you are given time to assess for yourself any changes that you notice in your mind and body.

Watch this video to discover what the difference is between TDT and Massage

If you want more information about Trauma Discharge Therapy or would like a copy of the booklet Gerry talks about in this video, then please get in touch either by calling me on 07858137889 or via this webpage. I would love to talk to you about how I can help you to build your resilience.

For those of you who would like a little more in depth knowledge right now you may want to check out Gerry’s other video here: