Generally speaking clients mostly ask for a full body massage. However sometimes people only want quite specific work, and that’s fine, I will accommodate that. My experience is that the massage touch works systemically, which means that even if I was to only massage the back, the benefits may be felt in the legs and arms too. The body takes the touch wherever it will do most good.

I can offer a large selection of different treatments, from whole body to just the back, or head or feet, or colon and reflex work to full detox treatments – but it’s essentially all the same therapeutic transformational touch, soft contact, whether deep or light, fast or slow. The choice is always yours.

oiled slump

So exactly what happens in a session?

Almost all the work is done with you on the couch receiving Massage, sometimes with oil, sometimes not. I can also offer seated, clothed chair massages. Nothing happens without your consent – every step of the way you are in control. I will be your guide and your best fan, cheering you on from the side-lines through my touch. One of the hallmarks of having a NO HANDS Massage is that the practitioner works almost completely silently once the Massage starts.

Every session starts with me asking the question: “How do you want to feel at the end of this session?”

Apart from that, all I can say is that every session is different! I may do the Bodywork, but it will be you who does the releasing. The session is all about how far you can let the touch in, in order to let go of things that no longer serve you. Sometimes the session is still and silent, sometimes raucous and full of laughter. It is whatever you need in order to help you to find your true balance, your true Shi’Zen.arm wrap