Why Book a Massage?

Massage is probably the oldest and certainly the most natural of all the therapies on the planet. The depth and power of NO HANDS Massage has to be felt to be believed and those who experience it say that it far exceeds the impact of any other form of Massage they have ever received. This has been from therapists and clients who have travelled all over the world and have sampled every form of Bodywork known!

oiled_slumpDeep and sustained touch can utterly transform your life. Structural imbalances can be put right without you even noticing. Areas that you didn’t even know were tense can be loosened. Touch can reconnect the body and mind, while connecting you with the deep self-healing potential within yourself. Through reconnecting and rebalancing Touch can also release blocked energy and when exhaustion is the issue NO HANDS Massage can help restore you more powerfully and deeply than any harmful stimulant.

As our body changes, so too do our thoughts, our emotions and our whole connection with ourselves. In this respect, Massage is probably the most total therapy available. With the support of powerful touch anything is possible…

Why NO HANDS Massage?

NO HANDS stands for excellence in the quality and power of the touch that you receive. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. It is what people who want more than just a ‘skin rub’ choose for their Massage. It is about change, letting go, releasing and transforming ourselves. Sometimes we know in advance what this change is going to be and sometimes we just trust, let go and only realise what it was all about two weeks after the session!

pin_sss2The NO HANDS registered trademark guarantees the purity of tradition. It means that I have been trained to a higher standard of Massage than many therapists and that I have been personally endorsed by the founder of NO HANDS, Gerry Pyves. This is unique in that the quality of the approach is preserved so completely. I always welcome feedback – you can use the confidential feedback form system available here.

Why book with me?

I am passionate about the immense power of safe Touch and am committed to the highest standard of client care. Nothing happens without your consent – every step of the way you are in control. One of the hallmarks of having a NO HANDS Massage is that I work almost completely silently once the Massage starts. The treatment is done with you on the couch receiving Massage, sometimes with oil, sometimes not. Or if you prefer I can offer seated, clothed Chair treatments.

Apart from that, all I can say is that every session is different! I may do the Bodywork, but it will be you who does the transforming. The session is all about how far you can let the touch in, in order to let go of whatever no longer serves you.

Trust your own wisdom and your own sense of what you think will work…